Week 2: A Piece of Cake

1. Summary: Cupcake returned to Lancaster for what finally would be the last time. She went back to school and met some friends who would help her to escape later. But, before then Cupcake came home and found out the her boyfriend from L.A. had gotten her pregnant. Cup only fourteen , Diane not ecstatic about the pregnancy and wanted her to get an abortion but Cupcake was against it. So Diane took measures into her own hands and had the other foster kids "jump" Cup. Defenceless she couldn't do anything but cover her stomach; Cupcake lost the baby. Soon after she wanted to run, so her friend from school helped her escape "The system" or Diane's. After she left she went to live with her Aunt Becky and her three boys. Cup became very close with the oldest, Fly. Fly was in a gang and introduced Cupcake to them. Soon enough, she was apart of the Eight-tray Gangstas. She soon learned to "toot" Sherm (PCP), hoo-bang, and even shoot a gun. After an almost fatal shooting she decided to stop "bangin". So Cupcake moved in with her father(not biological but had grown up with him) and filed to be emancipated. After her papers went through she had finally become emancipated she found a job and an apartment.

2. Loaded Words:

  1. bitch- pg.85: This is a loaded word because it's harsh and there are alternatives to using bitch; woman, girl, mean person, etc.. It's connotative feeling is mean, and almost looking down upon. I believe the author used this word because this is how she spoke and wanted people to know the harsh words that were used against her and that she used towards others.

  2. hatred- pg.106: This is a loaded word because it gives off mean vibes and can have different words used in its place. It's connotative feeling is yet again harsh and ire. The author used this word because she wanted to show how much hate she had towards another person.
  3. cuzzz- pg. 108: This is a loaded word because its commonly used in slang and can give off different meanings. It's connotative feeling is calm, loving, and friendly. The author used this word because while "bangin'" she used this term often and if she didn't use it her gang would seem a lot different then it was.
  4. asshole- pg.111: This is a loaded word because it's a describing word that isn't often used and can have different feelings. It's connotative feeling was mean, hated towards or harsh. The author chose to use this word because it is a commonly used word with her, and if she would change her vocabulary it would change her character.
  5. rage- pg. 112: This is a loaded word because it can have many connotative feelings. A connotative feeling of rage would be intense anger, off the wall, or even crazy. The author used the word rage because she wanted to show the impact and how mad she was.

  6. Sherm- pg. 114: This is a loaded word because it is a uncommonly used word, a slang term and can have different feels for different people. It's connotative feeling would be gross, amazing, and disgusting. The author used the word because it was something she would used often and changing the word would change how comfortable she was with it.

  7. gat- pg. 120: This is a loaded word because it is a word with many connotative feelings. One connotative feeling would be rough, gangster, and superior. The author chose this word because she wanted a rough, gangster exterior look.

  8. bangers- pg. 124: This is a loaded word because it is a word with many different feelings. Some connotative feelings towards bangers would be scary, family, tight. The author used this word because her gang used slang and that was her vocabulary.

  9. boyfriend- pg. 125: This is a loaded word because it gives off feelings of love and commitment. A connotative feeling could be loving, abusive and fad. The author used this word because she wanted to show her commitment and liking of her lover.

  10. hoo-bangin'- pg. 142: This is a loaded word because most people would feel different when hearing this word. A connotative feeling towards hoo-bangin' could be scary, dangerous, vicious. The author choice to use this word because this was apart of her life and the slang she spoke.

3. Reaction: My reaction to the section I read was quite shocked. To think before even 16 she had been, raped, prostituted her own body, family death, run-away, gotten pregnant, joined a gang, shot someone, and had done a countless number of drugs. I'm impressed on how well she was for have survived intense events.


Week 1: A Piece of Cake

Pages: 1-78
So far in A Piece of Cake the main character, Cupcake Brown, has discovered her mother lying on her bed, dead. Cup has been taken away from the only family she has to go live in an abusive foster home. Diane the foster parent beat her day after day. Pete (Diane's nephew) and Diane were once drinking and Pete brought some of the "feel good" over to Cupcake to drink and told her to me him in the bathroom. She did as she was told, only to await getting raped. She became sick of the abuse. So Cupcake ran away. After running a few miles she came up to a coffee shop to stop at. This is where she met Candy. Candy soon taught Cupcake how to prostitute herself or "turn tricks". After turning Cup's first trick, she figured out she didn't want to become a prostitute, so she ran. The police then found her and returned her to Diane's house. Once Cupcake was returned is wasn't very long until she decided to run again. This time she decided to get out of Lancaster, Cup went to the side of the highway and stuck out her thumb. Soon enough she was picked up and she turned yet another trick to be drove to Thousand Oaks. After a couple days of hustling on the streets she was picked up by the police and brought to another foster home. That home wasn't physically abusive, but verbally abusive. Cupcake started school there and wanted to join the Cheer leading team and this this where her foster father started his abuse. Instead of bringing her practice she would park in front of the Kmart and he would get her "loaded" with alcohol, LSD, cocaine, and many other drugs, then he would rape her. She soon left there and was brought back to Diane's. There she was abused some more and ran once again. Staying there for a while Cup soon got into trouble with the police which brought her back, once again, to Diane's.

I thought this week of the book was quite an eye opener to my life. Cupcake has been through so many tragic events and I'm very amazed to see how she is turning out. I wonder what she is going to do next.


Day 2: Response

The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is being with my friends and the homework that we will get. I think that it will be very fun and different with all my friends at the high school. I also think that the homework will be alot more intense than last year, so I am excited/anxious to see how it will be. I am anxious for high school and can't wait until in gets into full swing.

One goal i want to set for myself this year as a sophomore is doing well in school and turning in all my homework. In past years I haven't done very well in that aspect. So this year I want to prove to myself that I can do well in school by just turning in my homework ontime and quality.