Week 1: A Piece of Cake

Pages: 1-78
So far in A Piece of Cake the main character, Cupcake Brown, has discovered her mother lying on her bed, dead. Cup has been taken away from the only family she has to go live in an abusive foster home. Diane the foster parent beat her day after day. Pete (Diane's nephew) and Diane were once drinking and Pete brought some of the "feel good" over to Cupcake to drink and told her to me him in the bathroom. She did as she was told, only to await getting raped. She became sick of the abuse. So Cupcake ran away. After running a few miles she came up to a coffee shop to stop at. This is where she met Candy. Candy soon taught Cupcake how to prostitute herself or "turn tricks". After turning Cup's first trick, she figured out she didn't want to become a prostitute, so she ran. The police then found her and returned her to Diane's house. Once Cupcake was returned is wasn't very long until she decided to run again. This time she decided to get out of Lancaster, Cup went to the side of the highway and stuck out her thumb. Soon enough she was picked up and she turned yet another trick to be drove to Thousand Oaks. After a couple days of hustling on the streets she was picked up by the police and brought to another foster home. That home wasn't physically abusive, but verbally abusive. Cupcake started school there and wanted to join the Cheer leading team and this this where her foster father started his abuse. Instead of bringing her practice she would park in front of the Kmart and he would get her "loaded" with alcohol, LSD, cocaine, and many other drugs, then he would rape her. She soon left there and was brought back to Diane's. There she was abused some more and ran once again. Staying there for a while Cup soon got into trouble with the police which brought her back, once again, to Diane's.

I thought this week of the book was quite an eye opener to my life. Cupcake has been through so many tragic events and I'm very amazed to see how she is turning out. I wonder what she is going to do next.

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