Week 4: A Piece of Cake

  1. Quote:

"Is it the white folks that made you leave out those parts of your past, or is it

your own pain in remembering them? Could you be blaming white folks for your own

unwilling ingress or inability to deal with your past?" (217) Cupcake Brown, A Piece of Cake

This quote really hit me and caught my attention because doesn't this apply to everyone? i know every normal person (or possibly just me) has things in their past that they don't like, wish they could change or are unsatisfied on the out come. Do all just think of their pasts as horrible things to cover up with a band-aide, so that to the appearance everything is okay and the "normal". This quote caught my attention because that isn't how i want to live my life. I don't constantly want to put on a band-aide.

2. Summary: At Cup's new job she quickly learned that everyone was on something during the third shift. Working from 11:00pm to 7:00am, She had the perfect hours. All the women during her shift would chat and gossip about their partying antics. Pretty soon, after missing days because of her free-basing habit Cupcake was fired. After being fired Cup wanted to get another job. This is when she figured out that she would quit before anyone could fire her. After several jobs, Cupcake found herself her dream job; Legal Secretary. She replied to the add in the newspaper, was interview and got the job. Cup was now working as a legal secretary at Baker Firm. Having lied about previous jobs, and schooling in her resume brought her many troubles. Luckily, Jack (her boss) desperately needed her so he was patient. At home Cupcake was getting desperate for money so her boyfriend and her would take place in illegal activities. Once while robbing a house, Tommy, Cupcakes boyfriend asked her to marry him. After thinking about it for a while she decided to marry him. Tommy quickly took over for planning the wedding. They were married at a park in Lemon Grove and then went off to their honeymoon. At some points she would begin to think she was addicted, but then she would say to herself that she has a job and that she is doing something with her life so she cannot be an addicted.

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