Week 3: A Piece of Cake

Part 1:

1. Cupcake, after being emancipated, moved into her own apartment and got a job that paid quite well. She was now working on the night shift of a security company and on the side was a drug dealer. Soon enough her drug habits drained all her money and had to move out. Surprisingly was a nice deal because she ended up moving in with her dad at the "complex". Together they joined forces and sold their drugs, Cup selling weed and her Dad selling pills. Cupcake soon after her eighteenth birthday received her trust fund money (left from her mom), with that she bought a car. Cup's daddy soon was sick of the complex and dealing so he decided to move in with his old girlfriend Lori and her daughter Kelly. Cup and Kelly instantly became friends, both with the interest of partying. After Cup and Kelly graduated their college (or paid for their graduation) they moved out into their own apartment. Partying was their daily schedule. Kelly soon became sick of Cup, and Cup got sick of Kelly. With that, Kelly moved back in with her mom. Cup one day went out clubbing and met a man she thought would only be a one night stand. Tommy fell in love with Cupcake and they were soon inseparable. Tommy helped her to talk "white" so that she could get a job. It took her roughly 6 months to try and perfect her speech. Soon after she got a job typing at a title company.

2.biography on Cupcake Brown
As a child Cupcake (birth named La'Vette) grew up with her mother and father. One day waking up to her mother who had swallowed her own tongue to death. After her mothers death is when her life took a spin. With violence, abuse and gang relations before she was even 13. Cupcake grew up with even more turbulence to come. Eventually She sought out help for her drug/alcohol abuse and has been sober for the last 18 years. Now she is an author, attorney and an sponsor for others trying to seek out help from drugs. Cupcake lead an incredible life of mishap and turned it around 180 degrees to live her fantasy "Marsha Brady" life.

Part 2:

So far in the book there has been many crises and changes in Cup's life. She has lead a hard life and was continuously struggling how o stay alive. The book get a little repetitive at times when taking about drug use or running away. Other than that I think its very compelling and very good memoir. It helps you to realize how thankful you are to be in a safe community, with loving people, that support you.

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