Week 6: A Piece of Cake

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Summary: With Cup's new job she was paid much more money, which for her meant more drugs. She continued to smoke crack and pretty soon it became a horrible problem. Cupcake had an inkling that she had a problem but "solved" it by switching different drugs, or not doing one as much. Daddy's Father had died and left a stash of money under his bed and she stole some for dope money. Once he returned Cup told him of her doings and he was heartbroken and moved out. To top it all off, they spent all of their money on dope so they were put out and Cup left Tommy. She now had moved in with Mona and James. With the years of drug use, Cup had developed depression and became suicidal. She was still figuring out her plan, so she would go to her "dope spot" and smoke until she figured out how to kill herself. She met her dealer there and he had left the rocks on the table and stepped aside for a moment. So, she took two rocks and slipped them in her shoe. He then threatened to kill her and he induced him to shot her. She woke up four days later, in a dumpster, filthy and smelling horrible. Looking at reflection she decided right there she needed help. With that she walked sixty blocks to her boss's office to confess she had a problem and she would be quitting to receive help. Ken being the man he is, called several hospitals and facilities to do what he could. She eventually got into the Mesa Vista Rehabilitation Center. She went to meetings, got a sponsor and was released. Now living on her own she only relapsed once, and quickly got back on track. At one of the meetings she met Brett, she fell in love with his charm. They dated for the first to years of her recovery and were engaged but, it soon started going down hill. He also was a recovering fiend and was getting high more and more. Unfortunately he choose dope over Cup. After two full years of sobriety Cup decided (with help of V) to follow her dream and become a lawyer. With determination and hard work she got into SDSU. On a trip to the local prison Cup chatted with her Professor Sutton had convinced her to tell her story. NBC News wanted to interview her and after she received no negative feedback. After eight and a half years of community college she had finally finished and would become a graduate. Now was law school, where she was accepted into USF and gave her a scholarship. Soon enough she graduated and and received the Judge Harod J. Haley Award for Exceptional Distinction in Scholarship, Character and Activities. The End

Post 2: I did the alternative final assignment

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