Week 5: A Piece of Cake

2. Summary: The newly wed couple after living with each other for a couple of months began to fight. Both of them being loaded all the time didn't help either because it effected their perspectives. Cupcake was now working as a legal secretary at a large firm outside of San Diego. Her new boss Dave absolutely adored Cup and defended her constantly when she was tardy to work, or missed work because a late night partying. Cupcake was informed by work that Dave got into a bicycle accident and would come a quadriplegic. Unfortunately, she was soon "let go"after is absents because he was the only person who liked her and defended her. So Cup went back to the newspaper to find yet another job. Luckily, she found one at another firm that paid very well and she was allowed more days at leave. She quickly started to take advantage of this by pretending a relative had passed away. Tommy and her fights were starting to get worse and worse. Cup one time had to call the police because he had beaten her so hard that her face was severely bleeding. The couple also learned about credit cards and would buy everything with it. They also would rent their furniture and needed money for drugs they would sell it. Their debt began to grow larger and larger. And to top Cup's stress level her Daddy moved in with them and they began fighting as well.

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Julia L said...

Hi Mags. I think that your blogging is wonderful and i think that you're wonderful too. i wouldn't change a thing because it's alllllll very nice. i love you!